I’m looking for partners for my Sports Brands and my Television International Channel.

Since the beginning of human history, man shows strenght.

Today, in a car racing, in fights and in business. Come be a champion by investing in these brands.


My mother worked with fashion for more than thirty years. She also worked as a seamstress and as fine fashion and popular fashion seller. She also worked with fine sweets and fine party cakes.

I grew up in this gorgeous art environment. In the 90’s, we set a high fashion studio, one of the most famous in Brazil’s capital, Brasília.

Now I intend to launch my international brand, expecting to have partners.


Minha mãe trabalhou com moda por mais de trinta anos, trabalhou também como costureira e vendedora de roupas finas e populares e, trabalhou também com docês finos e bolos finos para festas.

Cresci neste ambiente de arte, deslumbrante. Nos anos 90 montamos um atelier de alta costura, um dos mais famosos da capital do Brazil, Brasília.

Agora pretendo lançar minha marca internacional esperando contar com sócios.

Lino Claudio, informs:

I believe in the success of these brands, a well-designed brand costs about $ 20,000,000.00, in dollars, I enter the business with my brands, with their advertising because everyone will know about them because of my fame and, with my work as a fashion designer. fashion in the fashion brand that will have a complement of French perfumes and French cosmetics for men.

I made a small business plan and a pitch deck and I have a lot of ideas.

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